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Geolorn: GeoDrill partner with drilling expertise

Mon, 16 September, 2019

Geo-Drill consortium is a mix of partners with complimentary expertise necessary to develop, disseminate and exploit the technology. Our partner Geolorn, brings its expertise of deep geothermal drilling projects, equipment utilisation and their experience with risk rationalisation and mitigation to the Geo-Drill cluster.

Geolorn: drilling with a difference

Geolorn Ltd., is a project management and logistics support company that works across the Resources Exploration and Exploitation Industries. Founded in 2010, Geolorn has a wide ranging experience across most sectors of the drilling industry from shallow geotechnical investigation holes, through to deep exploration wells. As part of the consortium, Geolorn offers its industry specific insights and advice that will help maximise the industrial effectiveness and impact on the deep geothermal drilling industry.

"Deep geothermal resources can, undoubtedly, offer a true low-carbon energy future. The issues that have held back regions that do not have  “volcanic” geothermal capabilities, such as those found in Iceland, New Zealand, Eastern Africa, has been reservoir certainty and the cost of evaluating the potential resource, primarily from drilling activities. The Geo-Drill consortium team, brings together a diverse range of specialist organisations and companies, which will look at the  drilling process holistically, analyse current weaknesses and pinch-points, in order to minimise drilling cost and Non Productive Time (NPT) and at the same time harvest data from the drilling activity to optimise operational efficiencies. This revolutionary approach will offer the industry sector an entirely new tool-kit, enhancing geothermal projects and maximising returns to all stakeholders. Geolorn, is greatly honoured to be working with such an outstanding and visionary team.” – Geolorn