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Geo-Drill Newsletter Issue 4

Mon, 26 April, 2021

Geo-Drill celebrates its second anniversary!! Since its kick-start in April 2019, the project has made some significant advancements in development of innovative materials and coatings with potential to prolong lifetime of drilling components, sensors and prototypes of the novel mud hammer.

The consortium is pleased to announce the publication of the 4th issue of its newsletter available to download here.

Drilling Mud: how to create a hole

Drilling mud is pumped down the drill pipe, exits by the drill bit and then returns up the borehole (in the space outside the drill string) carrying the cuttings to the surface. The rheological properties of the drilling mud are critical for it to be able to carry out this task. Right parameter selection of the drilling fluid is therefore a critical part for successful drilling jobs and this becomes especially important when the drilling mud is also being used to drive the hammer. Find out more here.

The geothermal debate is “heating up”

Geo-Drill consortium congratulates Dr. Ryan Law Managing Director, GEOTHERMAL ENGINEERING LTD advisor to Geo-Drill consortium. Find out more here.

Geo-Drill: Fostering Geothermal

Geothermal energy has multiple uses including its use in the production of hydrogen.  Focused on developing ‘holistic’ technologies for geothermal drilling, the Geo-Drill project has been working towards development of prototypes for novel hammer, advanced drill monitoring system based on sensors and, innovative materials that can improve the lifetime of drilling components. The project, therefore, is working towards the impact objective of making geothermal energy economical and sustainable. Find out more here.

Geothermal Energy a Dream or Reality

Iceland Drilling is excited to be part of the Geo-Drill consortium, a group of various companies from around Europe with out of the box thinking and new ideas from different areas of industry as well as research and design together with inventors and drilling experts. All parties have a single goal to improve the drilling efficiency and reduce wear through innovative ideas such as a new design of fluid switch to be integrated into a fluidic hammer to drastically increase ROP in hard formations together with technological coatings to reduce friction and wear increasing the life span of equipment and improve efficiency of fluid transfer. Find out more here.