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Geo-Drill presents 'Why is Geothermal a Hot Topic'?

Mon, 14 September, 2020

The Geo-Drill consortium invites you to its first webinar on "Why is Geothermal a Hot Topic"? on 19 November 2020 12:30 UK time.

Geothermal is increasingly coming onto the low carbon energy radar, as governments realise that their policies need to mitigate against fossil fuels, while not inducing economic stress, which is especially relevant now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there are still a number of issues that hold back global utilisation of this energy source, both technical and political/commercial.

This webinar hopes to explain, in broad terms, the issues and how we can progressively overcome them, embracing existing technologies and developing the fit-for-purpose solutions that deep geothermal energy presents.

How to register?

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 Who should attend?

  • geothermal production engineers and technicians
  • drilling engineers
  • geothermal researchers and policy makers
  • plant operators
  • drilling managers
  • sustainability/energy design engineers


 Kevin Mallin, Managing Director, Geolorn Ltd., has over 40 years of experience across resource drilling and exploration, including geothermal, mineral, and oil and gas.

He is presently the managing director of Geolorn Ltd (a project management and Drilling Engineering consultancy), whose project work includes hydro-carbon appraisal drilling in Namibia, geothermal resource potential in Slovakia, drilling programme and engineering consultants to the NERC-funded Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Centre (Minewater) and Cheshire Energy Research Centre, as well as drilling management for a number of deep geothermal projects. 

Kevin previously held the position of managing director at H&F Drilling (2003 -2010), one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of specialist drilling equipment, as well as having been the EMEA regional director for Ingersoll Rand’s deep drilling division and general manager at Dando Drilling International.

Kevin founded and sold Bluewater Drilling Services (1987-1996), a specialist drilling contract company, who provided extensive mining, resources and exploration drilling experience.

Before this, he spent 12 years as a contract drilling professional around the globe (1975-1987) and has gained Well Control Management certification from the Aberdeen Drilling School, a Eur. Dip. in management from Robert Gordon University and was also the winner of the Scottish Sunday Herald Business Achievement award in 2005.